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data visualization 

This alluvial flow diagram applies a visualization technique typically used in network scenarios to view the comorbidities, or diagnoses, in the 10 years leading up to a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). We can use a snapshot of UnitedHealth claims data to get some insights that we might not have been able to do before. Insurance claims data can be used to model people with conditions, comorbidities, multiple diseases at a time that are chromic. By understanding the paths patients can take, you can intervene. Here, a user can click on a stage between flows to view the flow history of that comorbidity grouping.


The data source is OptumLabs' longitudinal administrative claims data set.  In this case, we selected only members that had at least 10 years of medical coverage before having their first (if multiple) CABG procedure. All qualifying members are then normalized such that all other information/comorbidities are relative to the CABG (day zero).

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